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Word credits can be used for multiple requests and they do not expire. If you purchase 10,000 words you may use it for ten 1000 word articles. We offer high volume discounts. You can save a lot by purchasing credits in bulk.

We have writers specializing in various forms of copy. Primarily we handle blog posts, social posts, web page copy, and marketing emails.

As long as you want them! The longer the content you require, the more time it takes to write. If you're looking for multiple pieces to be completed, our recommendation is to submit it as separate requests so they can be done in parallel by our writers and delivered back to you faster. We offer high volume discounts as well.

We do not have any contracts. You can get as much content written as you want. We offer higher volume discounts. Checkout our pricing page.

We will refund up to the first 1000 words if you are not happy with the service. No questions asked.

Penmo has a community of elite, highly-vetted writers who cover over a dozen different industries.

Our writers dont have to spend time on typical freelancer problems like finding clients, sending pitches and dealing with contracts and payments. Instead they can choose the topics theyre comfortable with and focus on the writing.

Penmo simply takes the costly admin work out of the equation. We pass those savings to you.

We have a team of moderators (editors) who look over every article that gets sent your way - we don't send anything that doesn't match our quality standards.

Moreover we: Offer unlimited revisions should you have any issues with the content you receive. Run content through various measures, including SEO-friendliness, readability, keyword density & more. Ensure any writers you prefer/are a good match are tagged to your account, ensuring consistency in tone, voice, and quality.

We do preliminary research on all content using publicly available information, and include sources to any facts or statistics we quote. We also provide royalty free image sourcing for your content using popular websites such as With certain requests if it requires research diagrams etc. we'll be sure to include the original source.

Yes! We're a ghostwriting service and as soon as we've delivered the finished piece of content to you, you'll have full ownership of it. We never reuse the content we've created for you with anyone.

Creating engaging content is not easy and so we offer free edits/revisions on any content you receive in case you'd like some tweaks. Our goal is to get you content that you're happy with and delivers value to your readers!

500+ clients trust us for quality content.

Try Penmo risk free — money back guarantee.

Content Writing Service Content Writing Service